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Corrosion protection – Interpon Redox

Preventing corrosion is easy – when you have the right
Interpon Redox system in place. That’s where we come in.

From outdoor playgrounds to gas stations, swimming pools to ski lifts, Interpon Redox is a portfolio of tough, multi-layered coating systems that offer the highest levels of corrosion protection. Known as RDX in China and Taiwan, Interpon Redox allows you to adapt to multiple materials and environments, and comes free from Volatile Organic Compounds, so you can be tough on corrosion while protecting the environment.

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Anti-graffiti – Interpon EC

For environments prone to graffiti and acts of vandalism, Interpon EC (Easy Clean) has the answers

For those areas prone to vandalism, Interpon EC enables the quick and repeated removal of graffiti without impacting coating appearance or durability. And with excellent levels of corrosion, weathering and scratch resistance, this Easy Clean powder coatings gives everything from bus shelters to park benches the protection they deserve.

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Heat resistance – Interpon HT

Provide the ultimate protection to assets exposed to extreme high temperatures with Interpon HT.

From a vehicle’s exhaust system to a wood-burning stove or barbeque, certain applications need to accommodate extreme heat. Interpon HT powder coatings can withstand temperatures between 200ºC (392ºF) and 550ºC (1022ºF), without any loss of color stability, and remain fully resistant to delamination, corrosion, and cracking.

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Heat sensitive substrates – Interpon W

To imagine, design and transform some of the most challenging heat-sensitive substrates in ways that have not been possible before, we’ve created Interpon W.

Through our innovation, heat-sensitive substrates like wood, plywood, OSB or outdoor plastic composites can now be coated and cured at lower temperatures in a matter of minutes so they don’t bend, melt or deteriorate. And with a comprehensive range of vibrant colors and imaginative finishes to choose from, and a simple application process, you can differentiate your products from the mainstream. You can also realize significant efficiency gains in the production process.

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Bright metallic finish -
Interpon CR

Put the environment first with a sustainable alternative such as Interpon Cr.

Interpon powder coatings enable you to combine the style of chrome plating with the benefits of a powder coating. Providing a bright metallic finish without the use of Volatile Organic Compounds and producing no hazardous waste, Interpon Cr lets you create a perfect alternative in a simple two-step process to save you time, money and inconvenience without sacrificing performance or the environment.

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Anti-microbial properties – Interpon AM

Meet the increased demand for products that support improved hygiene with Interpon AM.

From hospitals to classrooms, public transport to kitchens, hygiene is taking on an increasingly prominent role in society. Interpon AM’s antimicrobial technology reduces bacteria and mold by up to 99.9% to maintain hygiene where it’s needed most and reduce the bad odors, staining and material degradation that are associated with microbial growth. And with an extensive selection of colors to choose from, you can give surfaces the protection they need and the finish they deserve.

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Core offering indoor –
Interpon 700

To provide you interior products with the ultimate in style and protection, discover Interpon 700.

Whether it’s a washing machine or a sturdy office chair, Interpon 700 delivers the style and performance your interior products need. With a range of finishes, gloss levels and special effects, as well as colors that meet global standards such as RAL, BS and NCS, you can show your customers that it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

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Core offering outdoor – Interpon polyester based products

Provide your outdoor products with the durability they require with our range of polyester based products

Our Interpon polyester product range is able to meet the highest levels of weathering resistance across a number of challenging markets. Industrial polyesters come both without TGIC (Interpon 610/810) and with TGIC (Interpon 600/800). Interpon 610 is also available in Low-E providing a 150°C (300°F) low-cure option to realize energy savings and increased throughput benefits. If you’re looking for fully accredited architectural coatings, the standard durable Interpon D1000 and superdurable Interpon D2000 provide bespoke solutions for your outdoor products.

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Particle management technology - Interpon AF, Interpon AC and Interpon XTR

Improve performance, reduce costs, and enhance sustainability using the particle management technology of Interpon AF, Interpon AC and Interpon XTR

Interpon’s particle management technology powder coatings are providing quality and application benefits, increased recycling/reclaim, and enhanced productivity. Interpon AF delivers exceptional evenness of charging to reduce costs and avoid color variations and effects such as ‘window framing’ for difficult recesses. For more simple shapes, Interpon XTR provides thin film thickness as low as 30 microns. Interpon AC provides a balance: lower film build up in the easy-to-coat areas and sufficient coating in the Faraday Cage area, so you can boost your overall performance.

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High reflectance powder coatings - Interpon ReFlex

Realize significant energy savings with the highly reflective Interpon ReFlex range.

Interpon ReFlex’s outstanding light reflectance properties provide a cost-effective alternative to high reflective MCPET films and high reflective papers. And with a Light Reflectance Value of 88%-100%, you can maximize the light output of LEDs, CFLs or halogen bulbs, to reduce energy consumption and protect the planet’s precious resources.

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Protection from electrostatic discharge (ESD) - Interpon CD - conductive-dissipative powder coatings

Discover the effective, environmentally friendly solution to the problem of dissipation of static electricity with Interpon CD

Designed for environments needing antistatic properties to prevent electrostatic discharge, Interpon CD delivers superb protection to electronic components, reducing the risk of damage and financial loss. And with a variety of light and dark colors to choose from, you can provide components with the stylish protection to match any design.

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Special Effects

Interpon has developed a range of almost 50 different specialty finishes in stock to give you and your customers the ‘Special Effect’ you are looking for.

Whether decorating interior products (metal furniture, lighting fixtures, shop fittings etc.) or protecting products exposed to the elements (garden furniture, playground equipment, agricultural machinery etc.), Interpon has the widest range of proven products. Specialty colors, fine and coarse textures, metallic effects and stone effects are all a range of finishes, and tailored to its designated usage and application.

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Putting sustainability first

We’ll support you with your environmental ambitions, with coatings free from VOCs that cure at even lower temperatures.

Interpon powder coatings have been created to protect, and that includes protecting the environment. But sustainability means more than limiting potentially harmful product emissions. It means providing the durability and UV resistance to enable products to remain functional long into the future, limiting waste and prolonging usability.

Efficiency without compromise

Efficiency matters for all businesses. Which is why our technical teams will work with you to reduce costs and maximize the opportunity.

Lower curing temperatures and faster processing speeds come as standard with Interpon Industrial powder coatings. Our powder coatings enable you to coat more surfaces with less volume of product, saving you time, energy and money, while our technical teams can work closely with you to drive further efficiencies and push your performance to new heights.

Always imagining

Needs and environments change, and we change with them to develop even better services and market-leading coatings for novel challenges, big or small.

Being a market-leading business means offering the solutions your customers need, when they need them. You know that. We know that. That’s why Interpon is more than simply a powder in a box. It’s at the forefront of technological innovation, thinking, and performance. It takes a leading position with new colors, textures and finishes to help you stand out from the crowd and keep one step ahead of your competition.

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