Our innovations are enabling the industrial world to move towards a more sustainable future

At Interpon, we build products and relationships to create a greener future. Our powder coatings meet the needs of today while retaining a keen eye on the world of tomorrow.

Backed by 50 years of experience, Interpon has a proud history of sustainability, but it is constantly moving towards a cleaner, better future. With market-leading R&D facilities and an innovative team of technical experts and engineers, we’re creating the next generation of powder coatings to support a greener world.

Unlike traditional liquid paints, powder coatings are free of Volatile Organic Compounds and produce minimum waste, so you can not only improve the efficiency of your process but also ensure that your company’s performance doesn’t come at the expense of a sustainable agenda.

We’ve also been actively marketing low cure technology, with the benefits this brings to reducing the energy our customers consume in their own production processes, and in reducing the overall environmental footprint of the entire industry. Learn how Interpon has supported some of its customers in enhancing the sustainability of their manufacturing processes here

This low cure technology is also opening up a new world of possibility for heat sensitive substrates, enabling you to work with materials such as wood and plastic to enhance what you can offer your customers.

To us, sustainability is not just some glib statement around saving the world. We’re developing safer, more sustainable solutions that protect us from harmful microbes. We’re supporting our supply chain and partners within and beyond the factory gates.

And sustainability isn’t just about reducing emissions, it’s also about creating solutions and futures that are built to last. That’s why we our powder coatings have durability built-in, to deliver longer-lasting performance however challenging the environment. It helps reduces waste and the cost of ongoing maintenance and repair.

Whether it is heat resistance for items exposed to extreme temperatures, UV protection for outdoor products, corrosion resistance for highly corrosive environments, or easy clean properties for areas prone to vandalism, Interpon powder coatings are enabling industrial products to withstand the forces that exist around them.

At Interpon, we’re doing more than creating sustainable products and solutions. We’re building partnerships and relationships that last, combining your business needs with a sustainable agenda to create the bespoke solutions that are right for you.

We’ve made our own commitment to eliminating carbon emissions and using 100% renewable energy because sustainability is at the heart of our revolution. We strive to lead our industry by pioneering a world of possibilities by empowering people, reducing our impact on the planet and consistently innovating to deliver the most sustainable solutions for our customers.

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