Interpon Redox

Corrosion protection made simple

Interpon Redox is a one-stop-shop for tough and durable multi-layer powder systems to suit a vast range of substrates and applications.

Protection in the extreme

Interpon Redox is your portfolio of powder coatings, designed to deliver the highest levels of corrosion protection properties for the projects where protection is needed most.

Corrosion is a tough challenge, requiring tough solutions. Interpon's Redox system offers specifiers an easier way of delivering the very best levels of protection for the most demanding environments. On land and at sea, it won't let you or your customers down. And neither will we.

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Ready for anything

For corrosion protection in the harshest environments, discover Interpon Redox

From swimming pools to playground equipment, ski lifts to chemical plants, the Interpon Redox portfolio of powder coatings delivers the ultimate corrosion protection in one comprehensive range. With protection provided in up to C5 corrosion environments, the range has been designed to provide the solution you need, no matter how challenging the substrate or environment. And with our unique system finder and expert advice on hand, you can be confident in finding the right solution for your needs.

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Experts for over 50 years

Corrosion protection doesn't need to be complex with our expert support team.

With half a century's experience across more than 70 countries, as well as some of the world's most advanced R&D centers, Interpon has the in-depth knowledge you need to get the most out of corrosion protection. Backed by market-leading customer support, we're providing the personal touch you need to find the perfect Redox system for your total corrosivity solution.

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Sustainability at its core

AkzoNobel has used its deep insight and experience to create a range of powder coatings with corrosion protection and sustainability at its heart.

With no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and minimal waste produced during application, Interpon Redox isn’t just withstanding the environment, it’s helping to protect it. And backed by AkzoNobel’s 50 years’ experience in over 70 countries, you can rest assured that you’re delivering the ultimate in corrosion protection with a solution that is more sustainable and kinder to the environment.

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Explore the Interpon Redox range

Interpon Redox APA

For porous materials susceptible to out-gassing, discover the transformative potential of Interpon Redox APA

From galvanized steel to zamak, cast iron to aluminum brass, Interpon Redox APA offers an improved finish as well as a reduction in the bubbling effect. And with a simple application process, excellent edge coverage and good adhesion with topcoats, Interpon Redox APA is providing corrosion stylish protection to porous materials.

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Interpon Redox Active

For a robust primer with a wide curing window and excellent edge coverage, discover Interpon Redox Active

Recognised for the ease with which it can be applied, even on complex objects or products with varying levels of substrate thickness, Interpon Redox Active provides anticorrosive pigments that deliver superb protection for up to seven years (Level C5). Compatible with a wide range of topcoats, Interpon Redox Active provides excellent edge coverage and comes in a broad range of colors to satisfy an equally broad canvas of needs.

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Interpon Redox Plus

For superior performance across a range of substrates and surfaces, choose Interpon Redox Plus

This versatile primer is suited to the widest range of substrates that have received chemical or mechanical pre-treatment. Interpon Redox Plus delivers greater protection against corrosion and rust (up to level C5), as well as an easy to apply, smooth finish, across both porous and non-porous substrates.

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Interpon Redox PZ

Interpon Redox PZ delivers high performance corrosion protection over blasted steel

Interpon Redox PZ combines a barrier effect primer with long lasting cathodic protection, a cost-effective combination for products that are either submerged or above ground. Ideal for harsh environments or areas where components can be subject to mechanical damage, this primer uses a unique blend of zincs to ensure the highest level of conductivity to create cathodic cells that protect the metal substrate.

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Interpon Redox Triplex

This extremely protective three-layer system is perfect for the harshest environments.

This three-layer system combines the zinc-rich primer Interpon Redox PZ with the barrier-protective primer Interpon Redox Plus – finished with your choice of Interpon topcoat. Offering the benefits of both cathodic and enhanced barrier protection, this system is recommended in highly aggressive environments up to C5.

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Interpon Redox One Coat

For corrosion protection in a single coat, choose Interpon Redox One Coat.

While coatings traditionally require a primer layer for adhesion and corrosion protection, followed by a topcoat for gloss and UV protection, Interpon Redox One Coat enables you to deliver corrosion protection up to C4 in a single coat. By combining a base chemical pre-treatment like iron phosphate with Interpon Redox One Coat, you can now deliver good levels of corrosion protection and UV durability for outdoor applications, and in a comprehensive range of colors. Available in EMEA only.

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