Interpon 610 Low-E

Low on energy, high on performance

Interpon 610 Low-E is a range of ‘low bake’ powder coatings specially engineered for curing at lower temperatures, consuming less energy and accelerating production, directly supporting a company’s drive towards a net zero carbon future.

A new working environment

Discovering new ways of working for businesses that care about the future

Businesses recognize the impact that product materials and processes – upstream and downstream – have on energy consumption and the environment. They know too of the impact of rising energy prices and the challenges of ongoing availability and supply, which means finding new ways of working in a world that cares more about its future.

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The advantages of low cure

A winning combination in either reducing energy consumption or accelerating production

Switching to Low-E reduces the curing temperature required by 30°C (from 180°C to 150°C), and in doing so cuts energy consumption by as much as 20%. Alternatively, it can improve productivity, curing up to 25% faster compared to a ‘standard’ powder coating. These benefits are all achieved without compromising the performance and quality of the coating.

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The art of perfection

Durability and proven antigassing properties for a quality finish

From garden fences to agricultural and construction equipment, electric cabinets to playground swings, Interpon 610 Low-E delivers excellent light and weather resistance on a variety of substrates. The Low-E smooth and fine textured finished products have excellent antigassing properties that allow the easy release of gases from porous substrates, to avoid unsightly pinholes and blooming on the coated surface. It also comes in a coarse texture finish, making it ideal for hiding small surface imperfections or coating substrates that are generally of poorer quality.

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Sustainability from start to finish

Supporting the business world in its drive towards net zero

A significant advantage to using Interpon 610 Low-E is also how it directly supports a company’s drive towards a net zero carbon future. This requires manufacturers not only to look at their own business, processes and practices to reduce carbon emissions (defined as Scope 1 and Scope 2 of the Green House Gas Protocol of 2001), but also the business and practices within their supply chain (Scope 3). As part of the AkzoNobel’s commitment to sustainability, its Interpon 610 Low-E contributes to the Scope 3 target by delivering a powder coating that directly supports a reduction in a customer’s energy consumption and related emissions.

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