Core offering outdoor

Interpon powder coatings provide your outdoor products with the ultimate in protection and durability.

Product series
Interpon 600 Interpon D1000 Interpon 800 Interpon D2000
Main Substrates* Steel, Aluminum Aluminum, Steel Steel, Aluminum Aluminum, Steel
Weathering resistance Good industrial quality Standard durable architectural quality Excellent industrial quality Superdurable architectural quality
Warrantees No Yes** No Yes**
Approvals No Qualicoat Class 1
AAMA 2603
GSB Standards
GB 5237.4-2017 Class 1
No Qualicoat Class 2
AAMA 2604
GSB Master
GB 5237.4-2017 Class 2

* Consider combination with Interpon Redox primer for improved corrosion protection on steel
** If applied by an approved applicator. For details:

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