Being global means supporting architects and fabricators on any project, of any size, anywhere in the world


We’re continually innovating new products and finishes to push the boundaries of what’s possible


We build sustainable products and relationships within the world of architecture that stand the test of time.


Our colors and finishes not only make your creations look amazing, but also come with industry-leading warranties

For a world that never stops

Wherever you are, indoors or outside, at work or at home, you’re never far from a product powder coated with Interpon, a global leader.

For all manner of materials from metals to heat sensitive substrates, Interpon powder coatings are all around us. They protect the oven you cook with and the toys with which your children play. Which is why Interpon is the immediate choice for some of the world’s top manufacturers and industrial trend-setters. It’s for people like you who need reliable, quality performance, and whose products set their own standards of excellence. And it’s for those striving for a kinder environment in which to live.

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More than the powder in the box

We protect not only your products, but also your reputation, and your ambition to achieve a right first time finish with a globally consistent performance.

You need to perform, and to perform you need to work with world-class suppliers who understand the true meaning of value. Like the value a powder coating can deliver as the cost per m2 covered, rather than the price. Because working with Interpon buys you more than the powder in the box. It buys the peace of mind that you’ll be working with products of uncompromising quality, developed from more than half a century of experience and innovation.

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When second best is not an option

We’ll provide first-class products, and world-class support, so the only thing that ever comes back is a delighted customer.

Your job, like your production line, never stops. We never stop either in supporting you locally and globally. We match your operational requirements, and provide 24/7 technical support to help optimize coating line uptime and quality performance. Through our R&D, we support you with finding solutions to challenging color matches, and developing and testing new products where needed. And our experts go further, helping you with some of the really big decisions, like switching from conventional coatings to powder, and focusing on how you can do more with less.

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For those who stand out from the crowd

It’s a competitive world and you’re constantly striving to differentiate your products from the mainstream.

Working with a global leader like Interpon helps your products stand out from the crowd. We have an infinite range of colors, finishes and textures to choose from, and we’re always on trend. But it’s not just about how powder coatings look; you need them to perform. That’s why we’ve developed coatings that help you extend the working life of your designs, to withstand whatever the world can throw at them.

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Amazing Colours

We are constantly innovating and researching to give you the broadest palette of amazing colors that are always on trend.

Fabulous Finishes

Beyond color we deliver a spectacular array of dazzling textures, special effects and bespoke finishes to bring your ideas to life.

Extensive Features

Come rain or shine, and extremes of heat and cold, our powder coatings deliver a life-time performance, whatever life throws its way.

Unlimited Applications

Interpon can be applied to every element of product and environment design

  • Interior products such as metal furniture, lighting fixtures, shop fittings
  • Products exposed to the elements including garden furniture and playground equipment
  • Product in high-corrosion environments such as ski lifts, gasoline storage, industrial environments
  • Products prone to graffiti and petty vandalism such as public transport, lockers, and retail security shutters.
  • High-temperature environments such as stoves, fireplaces, exhaust systems, barbecues, and mufflers
  • Providing the UV and corrosion resistance our lighting and electrical equipment demands.

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